Youth co-design Tilburg City of Learning

Youth co-design Tilburg City of Learning

On the 1st of September 2020 eight Cities and Regions of Learning started to engage, connect and empower young people to co-design pathways to learning, civic engagement and careers pathways. Tilburg, Saxony Anhalt, Vilnius, Ljubljana, Cagliari Metropolitan, Novi Sad, Lorca, Vestfold og Telemark together will involve at least 240 young people in voicing their learning, civic and career narratives. 

Special attention will be brought at developing the capacity of youth leaders from all cities and regions involved to co-design the Cities of Learning. We are aiming to have at least 1600 young people letting use the local online platforms of Cities of Learning and Virtual Exchanges to create access to personalised learning, civic and career pathways opportunities. Several young people will take part in an international long-term leadership training, which will support young people to be proactive, create learning activities and policy recommendations for their own cities and regions. There will be structured dialogue activities to meet, create and present policy recommendations that reimagine youth learning, civic engagement and careers in relation to an open and global Europe. 100 young people and policy makers will meet in Lorca and Magdeburg in 2021 and 2022. To achieve the ultimate youth participation all partner cities and regions will co-manage the total project together with young people.

The expect to integrate new learning, civic and career narratives into youth policy and practice of participating cities. Youth leaders will experience co-designing youth pathways to learning, civic engagement and career development, will create policy recommendations on youth learning, civic engagement and careers that will be taken onboard by policy makers. And there will be a better visibility and awareness of benefits and activities of Cities of Learning.

What does this look like for Tilburg City of Learning?

At the moment depth interviews by young people and with young people have been started. These interviews are based on an interview method designed by Institute of the Future and guides through history, present and future of learning, civic life and career paths. Based on the outcomes Tilburg city of Learning will create posters with different scenarios about how young people foresee their future. This will be a basis to create further developments for young people and learning providers in Tilburg.


Kevin is a young person involved in Youth co-design Cities of Learning and is using the learning as a social entrepreneur in Vibe Active: “I believe in experiential learning and this is the core of Cities of Learning. Personally I joined this project because the people and organisations involved like to mean something to other young people, as well do I. We are offering training courses via VibeActive to stimulate people on a physical, mental and social level. In our guidance we cultivate mental muscles, so that participants become fitter. In your body, in your head and in your life! We put these activities on the platform. Also through the interviews and other activities for Youth co-design we connect with young people and see how we can better connect our activities with them.”


Sandra Van de Kraak

Tilburg City of Learning

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