Young people from Ljubljana created a playlist “Inform yourself about SARS-CoV-2”

Young people from Ljubljana created a playlist “Inform yourself about SARS-CoV-2”

In the middle of November 2020, new measures came in force in Slovenia to prevent the spread of infectious diseases COVID-19. With a second national lockdown, we became the European country, with the longest duration of schooling from home and longest period of closure of youth centres and youth organizations. The youth sector was very responsive to all the changes and successfully moved its activities and programs online. And while professionals emphasized that children are strong, adaptable and resilient, many educators and youth workers still point out that special attention must be paid to those young people who do not have access to the Internet during distance learning, to students from vulnerable groups and to those whose teachers consider them to be less successful in distance work. 

Combining that with diverse news sources, following different interests which are not always geared to the well-being of the people and accurately informing people, the young ambassadors of Ljubljana City of learning felt they can also contribute to the state of affairs in their own way: providing young people of Ljubljana with all the relevant information on the coronavirus coming from reliable and accurate sources. And even further more, offering them a platform that combines all (digital) opportunities for young people and directs them to providers of learning experiences and support systems that respond to their current needs.

Creating new playlist

Using the Ljubljana city of learning platform they created a playlist called “Inform yourself about SARS-CoV-2”. This learning playlist is an opportunity for everyone to explore the facts on the coronavirus situation in their city and by doing so resolve possible open questions and dilemmas they have. The playlist consists of seven (digital) activities which provides young people with the latest and reliable information on the following topics:

  1. What exactly are Coronaviruses and what is SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus?
  2. What key information do we need about the new coronavirus?
  3. Infectiousness of the new coronavirus and what are the recommendations for infection prevention?
  4. What are the (current) measures to contain the new coronavirus in Slovenia that we need to adhere to?
  5. Which youth centres and organizations have moved their work online, which tools do they use and how can you find/join them?
  6. How to talk to children and young people about the new coronavirus?
  7. How to manage the worries and concerns that a new coronavirus may be raising and where you can go to ask for help?

Both young people as well as youth organizations reacted very positively towards all of the activities, perhaps the most viewed activity was the “Digital Youth work” activity. With youth centres and schools closed, most youth organizations moved their activities online, many have also opened digital youth centres, (using DISCORD platform) with the desire to continue to offer young people the opportunity to spend their free time actively and socialize in an adapted form but mostly a space for continued support in the event of distress.

Is the playlist transferable?

Of course it is! That is it’s charm. All you need to do is find 2-5 reliable (news) sources, if possible the type which presents the facts in a popular and understandable way. You will also need to conduct a small research on learning and social opportunities for young people in your city – what is being done online, what are the changes during pandemic measurements, how can young people participate in activities. Use some more creativity and you are on your way. Or as our Young Ambassador Tina (age 23) said: “Young people know best how young people feel. If the news makes us dizzy, let us find reliable sources that explain the situation but don’t scare us. And in the world where all the opportunities seem to be disappearing, let’s remind them, that we are still here, with them and for them”.

Author: Urška Česnik, Youth Co-Manager

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