How to become a learning provider?

How to become a learning provider?

Download and learn  How to become a provider – The Manual created by Denise Van Leeuwen for the Eastern Cape Region of Learning.  Event though the manual is focused on Eastern Cape Region, it can be used by any city or region of Learning!

This guide will help you through all the steps on how to become a provider. This include:

  • how to sign up, how to create an activity,
  • how to edit a badge,
  • how to create a playlist and finally
  • how to reach out badges.

All the steps will be illustrated by pictures, to support you in the best way. After reading this guide we hope that you have a good understanding of how the platform works. Also, if you have any additional questions about the Eastern Cape Region of Learning don’t doubt about asking them.  Their contact details are mentioned in page 25 and we will respond as quick as they can! If you have general questions about Cities Of Learning – contact us by e-mail

Thank you again for joining our online platform and let’s get those learners to learn!

Content author: Denise Van Leeuwen

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