Create Unique Learning Pathways with Playlists and Badges

Cities of Learning is a territory-based web platform that enables cities and regions to create unique learning pathways for their youth using interactive maps, online learning playlists and digital Open Badges.

Explore Your Map

Youth can use interactive map features to search and filter their area to find places and events that match their interests.

Create Your Own Pathways

Youth can join local and digital opportunities that can bring them new experiences, skills and connections.

Build Skills Portfolios

Youth can personalise their learning pathways which will help them build a digital portfolio of skills and achievements.

Want to start your City of Learning?

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Want to join the Cities of Learning platform?

Find out how to set up a platform for your city or region and start offering connected learning experiences to young people. By becoming a City of Learning, learning providers in your city will be able to publish events, learning playlists and issue digital Open Badges.

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Hear What Our City Partners Have to Say A number of cities and regions have already joined the Cities of Learning platform to create connected learning opportunities for their region